The Un-Ruins of abandoned islands are always about what took over when everything else got out of the way.

Art theorists, galleries, and historians have had at least 40 years to help us “learn” to experience things we encounter outdoors as “Environments”, “Sites”, and “Installations” .

Meanwhile, novelists and filmmakers have shown us again and again that the necessary (emergency utility of the future re-purposes whatever old can be taken apart and reassembled.

So we already know a bit about these incidents and transformations.

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But there is an ordinary type of art labor that starts with what people decide to do with the space they occupy, whether it is a yard, a bedroom, or a town. They decide without need for permissions how things are going to have meaning and they keep going unless something else stops them.

The best and most exotic thing about it is that they do it for themselves. The meaning is in the language of speaking to one’s self or only to others like the self. Whatever was there beforehand is first reduced to the status of being a medium, just material for which the prior logic of its arrangement may or may not ever be needed or reused. But it might be.

And in general, it is a lot like how “Nature” does things.

(Treasure Island, San Francisco/Oakland)